Fajita night!!

Yum! My kitchen is filled with the smell of onions and bell peppers right now. It’s Fajita night 🙂 I love making these, they are super simple and very yummy. It’s pretty easy. I sautee onions (as the tears stream down my cheeks) and add some extra-firm tofu, cut into thin strips. If I want “beefy” fajitas, I use seitan. I then add bell peppers that have been cut into strips. I cook this all for a little while, then add some of my super secret spices. Tonight, I am making a cashew “cheeze”, which is just soaked cashews with lemon and salt pureed in the blender. Serve it all in a tortilla. The kids love it. My kids are already blossoming into little foodies. My 5 year old is the most curious, but my 19 month-old seems to get it, too. Which is good, because Daddy doesn’t care one way or another about food. It’s purely functional to him. He appreciates my cooking, and he is very close to being vegan(he still takes cream in his coffee, and sometimes eats a snickers bar).

He is pretty awesome, actually. When we first met 5 years ago, he was a meat eating, cigarette smoking guy. Inside, he was my dream, but I knew it would be difficult to get over the things he was doing to his body from the outside. Very shortly after we got together, however, he switched his diet to vegetarian and quit cigarettes……all on his own.

After we eat our fajitas, I will make some chocolate chip cookies. I made them for a friend one time, and she asked if it was a secret family recipe. We both had a good laugh when I revealed that it was just the veganized version of the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag. I have tweaked it here and there, and it is so, so good! Our family of five always devours the whole dozen in one night.

Today I made some cheesy crackers out of this awesome old book I have from the ’70’s put out by the Farm Commune. I scored it at a second hand store. They were a big hit in this house. My little lady kept asking for more crackers. She is talking so much these days.

I am trying new things to put in my kindergartener’s lunch box. I feel a little extra pressure to pack really awesome things for him. I know they don’t mean to, but his teachers sometimes make me feel guilty if I don’t send a special snack on a day when someone brings in cupcakes. I don’t always know that cupcakes will be served at snacktime, and since his school is awesome, they know not to give him anything that isn’t vegan. I don’t want him to be labeled as freaky and I don’t want anyone to pity him because of our choices. He loves the food I give him. Both my kids are life-long vegans, so they really don’t know any different. My little guy is very social, and despite all my “be yourself” lectures, he does want to conform. It is who he is. I won’t force him to be anything else. He is very much into animal rights, so much so that I had to tell him to tone it down a bit. Anytime there was a mention of eating meat on t.v., he would tell people they were stupid or would use other violent words against them. I had to explain to him that, even though we don’t choose to eat that way, we still need to show compassion to people who do eat that way. I can’t help but feel a little swell of pride, though, when I see how passionate he is about it. One of my dream trips for us as a family is to visit Farm Sanctuary. They are one organization who is going about things the right way. I’m not into the in-your-face attitude of Peta.

Tonight I think I will let my little guy help me with the cookies. I love to think about how it will be when he is older and comes home to visit Mama. We can cook together, then, too. I love to think that I am helping to mold a couple of really awesome people.

Baking together since he was wee.

Baking together since he was wee.


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