Dinner with the Neighbors and Bedtime Issues

We are so fortunate to live where we do. Not only do we live within 100 feet of a gorgeous river, in the midst of lovely trees, but we also live right next door to some dear friends. Originally, our two houses were owned by elderly sisters who were both going to live out here on the land. It didn’t work out for them, so they sold the property to our current landlord. A path connects our two yards. We have lights strung among the trees in both yards…..it’s like a fairy wonderland out here.

One thing we love to do together is eat! We are all vegan or vegetarian, and so that makes it even more wonderful. Last night was no exception. Our neighbors made a delicious rice and veggie dish with a “cheezy” nutritional yeast sauce. I made a soda bread, rosemary seitan, and a chocolate cake(using coconut sugar instead of cane sugar in the cake and maple syrup in the frosting). It was all very yummy.

We came home with enough time to get the kids to bed before Portlandia came on. I ended up only seeing the last ten minutes, but my darling got to watch it. The reason I missed it is because I was trying to get my 5-year-old to sleep in his own bed. This is a transitional time for all three of our kids right now for different reasons. For my kindergartener, it is time to leave Mama’s bed and sleep on his own. Our friends gifted us with a nice, solid wood bunk bed months ago. Our 11-year-old sleeps in it when she is here(she lives with her mom most of the time), but our little guy hasn’t been sleeping in his. He has co-slept with me since birth. Our 19-month-old still sleeps in the bed with me, and I will be transitioning her to her own bed before she is two. Little R is afraid to sleep in a different bed and different room as me. It has been hard for me, too. I go with him to his bed each night(usually with little J)and read him a story while little miss J falls asleep on the boob. R falls asleep very fast in my bed, but he fights sleep in his bed. So I usually end up spending at least a half hour in there with him until he finally drifts off. He is usually a solid sleeper, but when he is in his own bed, he wakes up in the night and ends up in my bed, anyway. We have tried everything. His bed is very cozy, and he has a picture of his granny on the wall next to him. We have a night-light. He has a light-up pillow. It is definitely a struggle. Two nights ago, after both little ones had fallen asleep, little J and I were in my bed. I was reading my Game of Thrones book, and J was nursing away. R suddenly came into the room and wanted to get into my bed. I sent him back to his bed. Five minutes later, R is back with his pillow. So I send him back. This happened a handful of times before my other half came into the room and gently took him back to his bed. I have to admit, it was really hard for me. I wanted to sweep back the blankets and tell him to hop on in. I love snuggling with my babies. He isn’t a baby anymore, though, and it is time for him to spread his wings a little bit. Knowing this, I have the strength to not cave in when my heart wants to. It may take months, but it will be good when we are all settled into our own beds. And maybe I can share a bed with my man again 😉

cooking up something good!

cooking up something good!


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