The Kitchen Table

I hate to admit it, but we only eat at our table a few times a week. It is something we are trying to do more often. We have gotten into the habit of eating in the living room in front of the T.V. I know. Yuck. Me, the woman who used to be so against watching television, period. My only defense is that we do choose pleasant, educational shows when we are eating. That doesn’t mean that it is right. My goal is that, at this time next year, I can say we always eat at the table. Our littlest one is getting big enough to eat a the table with us in her own chair. We have been working to keep it cleared off, not cluttered by all the stuff that can accumulate on it, papers, shopping bags, river rocks, etc. This isn’t to say we don’t use the table at all. Right now, I am sitting at the table as I write this. We just have a laptop, and since our table is at the kitchen window, which looks out at the river, it is a great place to write. R also does his homework every night on it. There hasn’t been a single night where he has done his homework elsewhere. We use the table as counter space, since this single-wide mobile home we live in doesn’t have a ton of space. It is a fine table, solid pine. It was gifted to us by our sister-in-law. It has six chairs, and fits perfectly into our kitchen. True, the door to the fridge can’t totally open because it butts against a chair, but I wouldn’t trade it for the tiny table we had before. Even if it took up our whole house. I think a kitchen table is important. It creates memories of its own. I hope I can pass it on to one of our kids when they have a family. By then, D and I should be traveling around in our RV or something. For now, it is mine. I am committed to taking great care of it and loving it as mine.

The source of memories to come...........

The source of memories to come………..


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