Wine and Pizza and Dandelion Tea

Saturday started out sort of yucky. I dropped D off in town so he could hitch a ride to a Winter mountain climb that he was doing. I was a little sad because he would be gone overnight, but I also love that he is doing what he loves and I get some nice time with the kids. After that, I was supposed to take R to see his dad….but his dad bailed out on him again. This has been a pattern all R’s life. It hurts to see my little guy disappointed. To cheer him up(a little) I took him and J to the local bookstore for some vegan hot chocolate. I am very sensitive to caffeine, but I was tired and a little cranky, and had some cleaning to do when I got home, so I ordered myself a vegan mocha. I usually get decaf, but thought it would be okay this time. Wrong. I almost instantly started feeling strange. Oh, boy, I knew what that meant. Just in sitting and chatting with a friend for about twenty minutes, I felt my heart begin to race and sweat started breaking out under my arms. I collected the kids and headed out. On the drive home, I felt cranky and nervous. By the time we got home, I was having full blown anxiety. Yuck. I breathed through it, called my mom, had some lunch, and finally felt better around midday. Poor J must have gotten some of the caffeine in my milk, because she would not nap. So I turned on Elmo In Grouchland and got to work on the house. The kids were happy to watch it, and it’s a cute movie.  Around six, our neighbor lady and her boys came over to hang out. We mamas had a couple bottles of wine, we all ate some delicious vegan mini-pizzas, and the kids had a blast playing while we talked and talked. I played cd’s all night……a little different than my usual Pandora default.  We had a great time and stayed up until well after one in the morning. The neighbors headed home and I pulled the futon mattress down onto the living-room floor(we do that every time D is gone overnight)and made a huge nest. The kids crashed right out, but I couldn’t sleep. I watched some reruns of Roseanne and finally fell asleep around three. I woke up at eight because the dogs had to go potty and now am enjoying a cup of dandelion tea and making pancakes for us(the kids are still asleep!). D will be back this evening and we have Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I want to do something in nature. I also have been talking to R about civil rights(all his life, actually)and what a special person Martin Luther King Jr. was. I remember being in elementary school and coloring pictures of him this time of year. I remember a boy in my class coloring him black black, not the beautiful brown that his skin really was. I remember how sad that made me, especially because he and some of the other kids in my class were laughing about it. Things like that are why I teach my kids early about equality, humanity, and compassion for all living beings. We are all sharing this Earth, it is important to treat one another with love and respect. Om.



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