Getting Back to Normal(Whatever That Is)

Tomorrow, R and Z go back to school and I go back to work. My sugar took Z back to her mom’s house this afternoon, which is always hard. Time goes by so fast when she is here, and the house feels a little bit emptier when she leaves. She lives a couple hours away, so it’s not like we can just pop over for a visit during the week. The good news is we should be able to bring her here more often, as our financial situation seems to be looking up. More money means more gas, which means more Z time.

R and I spent some time this afternoon making snacks for him for school. Not only is he vegan, but also sugar-free(dental issues)…..which can make snack time an issue if Mama doesn’t stay on top of it and send sweet snacks with him. Thank goodness his teacher is now putting his classmates’ birthdays on the calender that she sends home…….I can make him cupcakes for those days so he doesn’t feel left out. He is so awesome about it, though. He has grown up this way, and has been to parties where he can’t eat anything served there. Yet he doesn’t cry or have too much of an attitude about it. He knows why we do what we do. I still want him to feel part of things…….and food is so important, especially in social gatherings. So I have been working hard at planning ahead and coming in prepared.

We made some yummy oat bars with my favorite, coconut sugar, and sugar-free preserves(made with xylitol)from Nature’s Hollow. After they are done, we will whip up a batch of granola, and that should be good for now.

It is going to be strange at first getting back into the school groove. I want to have dinner made and R’s lunch packed ┬ábefore 7 pm. Then it’s bath/shower time for both R and J, teeth brushed, outfits for the next day picked out, and bedtime by 8 pm. We have been doing it all school year, but it’s really easy to fall out of the routine after 3 weeks of vacation time. We have gotten used to staying up until almost midnight and getting up around ten or eleven. I know it’s going to hurt getting up at six tomorrow morning, and R will not enjoy getting up at seven.

Even though D and J will be home all day tomorrow, they still have their schedule, too. D is a writer, so he will be busy with that, housework, and taking care of J. She will have a busy day playing, playing, and more playing. She has had some tummy troubles today, with a lot of poopy diapers, and hopefully she will be better by tomorrow. I have been giving her almond yogurt for the probiotics and if it continues, miso broth. She has nursed a lot today, too.

I also should get an answer tomorrow about the job I applied for at R’s school. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Back to the "grind"....he he he!

Back to the “grind”….he he he!